Portugal faces rising energy prices

Fossil fuel prices continue to rise and countries are scheduled to exit from coal, oil and gas. Portugal already closed all coal power plants at the end of 2021

Portugal's energy transition

The energy transition is well under way. More than 50% of Portugal's power now comes from renewable sources. Infrared Heating is a crucial part of Portugal's renewable future

Meet the sustainable low cost heating of the future

The benefits of infrared heating

In the humid Portuguese climate, infrared heating is the optimal solution for any building and budget

Convection heating

❌ Energy-intensive

❌ Leads to formation of mould

❌ Comfort only above 21°C

❌ Whirls up dust, pollen & allergens

❌ Promotes respiratory diseases & dry skin

Infrared Heating

✔️ Energy-efficient & natural radiant heat

✔️ Dust-free & dry healthy air

✔️ Heats the human body, walls, ceilings, floors & objects

✔️ Pleasant room climate at lower temperatues

✔️ Positive health impact

  • European Quality Standards

    All applicable Quality Certificates like TÜV, CE, ROHS, SGS, LVT Test Certificates are available

  • Cost & Energy savings

    The Kuas Heating systems save up to 80% of installation costs, around 30% of energy and 100% of maintenance costs

  • Wide range of uses

    The wide range of Infrared Heating Solutions can cover all type of projects & buildings

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